People make this region great

To the editor:

To the citizens of Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties:

I have spent nearly all my memorable life in the North Country, and I feel blessed to still call this region my home. For me, it is not the mountains, the beautiful lake, or the nearly perfect proximity to adventure and big city lights. I must admit, those are some pretty sweet perks, but those things are not what makes our region one of a kind, in my opinion. Our most valuable asset is our people. All of us. Together.

We are the type of community that supports one another, even in the most grave, complicated and difficult circumstances. Whatever the barriers in our way, we find ways to support each other … even if that means giving up some of our own comforts to help a neighbor in need. Therefore, my wife and I made the choice to raise our family here. This is also why I have chosen to support the 2021 United Way Campaign.

This year has been an incredibly tough year for many of us. People from all over our region have faced some of the greatest challenges of their lifetime. The need to support our neighbors has never been greater. By contributing to the United Way — even with just a small payroll deduction or one-time gift — we can, collectively, as a community, ensure our neighbors (young and old) are fed, foster parents are trained and available, sanitation supplies are distributed, youth programs like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts continue, physical fitness and recreation programs grow, affordable housing is available, mental health services are supported, weatherization of homes can continue, and so much more.

The local team at our United Way of the Adirondack Region is truly invested in being a key resource for coordinating these meaningful services with agencies throughout our region. These agencies include the Joint Council for Economic Opportunity, Adirondack Community Action Programs, Behavioral Health Service North, Hospice of the North County, National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Senior Citizens Council of Clinton County and the YMCA, just to name a few.

The need has never been greater for us to support our region’s most valuable asset: our people. By supporting our local United Way, you can ensure 100% of your donation is received by the organization(s) you choose, or you can give to the Community Impact Fund, like I did. I find great satisfaction in knowing my 2021 gift will be managed by a small local team who truly has a pulse on the needs in our community. I know my dollars are being used to help a neighbor with the greatest need, and that is why I give to the United Way Campaign.

If you have contributed to the 2021 United Way Campaign already, thank you! If you have not contributed but would like to learn more about how you or your business can support this year’s campaign, I urge you to call Kathy Snow at our local United Way (518-563-0028) to learn more.

Rest assured, your dollars will be invested wisely to change lives right here in Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. Consider making an investment in our community’s most valuable asset.

My best,

Ryan C. Lee



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