Open letter to Elise Stefanik

To the editor:

Open letter to Rep. Elise Stefanik:

Although I personally do not subscribe to Twitter, you do. Since Nov. 4 you have tweeted several times regarding the results of the election. You have touted the 32 seats that women won in the recent election and the right of the president to fight in court for legal votes. If you support the president’s right to question the legality of the election, how can you justify your support of the election of the 32 women you note. For that matter, how is it the election is valid for you and not for the president? How can it be that only the presidential vote is suspect and not all the other offices that were determined in the same election?

During your tenure in office, you have repeatedly touted your bipartisanship, indicating your high marks in that regard. Then why is it you haven’t acknowledged that the current president has lost and congratulate President-elect Biden? I openly admit I supported your opponent and voted for Tedra Cobb, but although disappointed with the results, I fully accept that you won fair and square.

The current administration’s own cyber-security office indicates that the 2020 election was one of the safest ever. Even with that, you and your fellow partisan members question the validity of the results. In this unprecedented time of crisis, isn’t it even more important than ever that we put partisan bickering aside, recognize the results and move on? Delaying the new administration’s ability to ramp up to hit the ground running on Jan. 20 is dangerous and quite likely to cause more grief and suffering than necessary. In case I haven’t been clear, I am pleading that you acknowledge the results that elected you and your fellow members, and acknowledge the president lost FAIR and SQUARE.

Thank you.

A not so radical Democrat,

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook


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