You are not a Republican if you vote for Biden

To the editor:

For too long I have listened to or read about Republicans who have stated that they will be voting for Joe Biden, and I’m fed up with them.

The Democrats have threatened to destroy America’s representative democracy by eliminating the legislative filibuster, eliminating the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court with leftists.

Akin to the goals of Karl Marx, their threats, along with the Green New Deal and other misguided proposals found in the Biden-Sanders unity task force recommendations, are examples of fundamental transformation, of pursuing permanent revolution and unrestrained criticism of everything. (See “Tearing Down With Marx,” Paul Kengor, The Epoch Times, Sept. 9.)

I wonder if these Republicans have even read the Biden-Sanders task force “wish list” and realize it draws some of its talking points from Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.” Have they even read the “Communist Manifesto”?

A Biden-Harris administration would destroy capitalism, increase taxes, accelerate the rise of national debt, downgrade America’s credit rating and further disunite the citizenry.

President Trump would never do what the Democrats have threatened to do and he has stated as much.

So with all due respect to those Republicans who will vote for Biden, you are not Republicans, not even in name only.

Charles F. Heimerdinger



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