Tedra’s for you

To the editor:

I have known Tedra Cobb for four years, and I have watched her evolve into a much stronger candidate for Congress over this time. She knows the issues important to our district and will be a much better advocate for us in Washington.

Elise Stefanik continually brings up points that were made in the previous election cycle and will not admit that people change. Elise has certainly changed. She has moved way to the right on the political spectrum, and our community is not all right or left — it’s pretty much in the middle.

Tedra has made changes in her thinking as she has gotten to know people all over the district in these past four years. She is moderate, and she does want to represent the whole community. She cares about our seniors; she cares about our kids in school; she cares about our farms, our military and our climate. Her actions on these issues speak for themselves.

I hope it’s not too late to encourage you to think about your needs. Whoever is president will most likely never come through this district, but our congressperson will. Do not feel you have to vote party line? Vote for a person in Washington who cares about you!

Ginny Ruder

AuSable Forks


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