Stefanik should apologize

To the editor:

To Elise Stefanik:

I read the article in the Oct. 14 Adirondack Daily Enterprise entitled “Stefanik pins Trump death wishes on Voters for Change, Cobb.” After your office was contacted with clarification and the facts regarding the Oct. 3 Adirondack Daily Enterprise article, you still insist that Tedra Cobb must disavow herself from her endorsement by Adirondack Voters for Change. As the facts stated, the two individuals who expressed death wishes on the president were from Binghamton and have no affiliation with Tedra Cobb or the Adirondack Voters for Change. The other individual who made a sarcastic comment about the president’s health, which was in no way a death wish, is not in any way a spokesperson for Adirondack Voters for Change. It is clear that you, Ms. Stefanik, owe Tedra Cobb an apology for your false accusations. You have twisted the truth trying to smear Tedra Cobb’s campaign for the advancement of your own political goals. It is you who need to disavow yourself from such deceitful campaign tactics.

Awaiting a reply,

Cathy Morris



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