Seeing Trump from both sides

To the editor:

Sometimes we look at a picture and see two different images, like the Rubin vase.

I thought about how Trump has been viewed by Democrats and portrayed by the media.

You see Trump as a racist; I see him helping Blacks with opportunity zones and criminal justice reform.

You see Trump building a wall to keep immigrants out; I see him wanting legal immigrants to come in.

You see Trump cages at the wall; I see Obama cages at the wall.

You see Trump tweets as crude; I see them as responses to a biased media and what Americans are thinking.

You see Trump as selfish, putting himself first; I see him as selfless, putting America first.

You see Trump alienating our allies; I see him holding them accountable.

You see Trump as responsible for 210,000 COVID deaths; I see it as governors putting many infected patients in nursing homes.

You see Trump not taking COVID seriously; I see him closing China travel 10 days after the first case while Pelosi and Cuomo said live your lives.

You see taking a knee as a symbol of fighting racism; I see it disrespecting those who gave their life for America.

You see Trump rallies and call them reckless; I see it as unconditional support because he fights for the people.

You see Trump as a foreign policy failure; I see him with three Nobel Peace nominations and bringing our troops home.

You see looting and rioting in the streets and call it peaceful protest; I see it as disregarding the rule of law.

You see Trump threatening to use the National Guard in violent cities as militaristic; I see it as the last resort to save lives and businesses.

You see Trump as ignoring science; I see him trying to balance safety, jobs, livelihoods and mental health.

You see Trump and have loathed his every word for four years; I see him as a fighter who always stands up for America.

You see Trump waving from the balcony of the White House as a dictator; I see him as an uplifting commander-in-chief giving hope.

You see Trump as the worst president; I see him as the best, because promises made were promises kept.

You see Trump behind in the polls again and losing; I see him winning again because he is definitely the people’s president.

I hope you see what I mean.

Craig Boyer



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