#RESIST was never a solution

To the editor:

The national political battle is never far from any discussion here in the North Country. Even in our 21st District congressional race, the acrimony is unlike anything we have experienced in the past. Fundamental tenets of our republic are under fire. Some Democrats and Republicans claim it is a fight for our democracy. Is that political drama, or is it accurate?

Majorities in both chambers of Congress have continued to change hands throughout the years. The presidency has also changed between Republican and Democratic office holders. So why does this feel different?

In 2013, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., changed the long-standing Senate rules on cloture for judicial nominees. It was referred to as the “nuclear option.” This resulted in a significantly diminished minority voice in the chamber of Congress designed to be calmer and more contemplative. The results of that decision by Democrats are being played out even this week — only the majority had once again changed.

In 2016, a Republican won the presidency, despite national polling that had convinced Democrats they would win that office. The uproar from the left wing was astonishing. The inability to accept the political loss turned to a nightmare for many Republicans on Inauguration Day. Attendees to celebrations in Washington, D.C., were met by angry crowds tossing fluids at them, jeering and generally uncivil behavior not seen in any prior election. The hashtag #RESIST was born, and the political division deepened.

These past four years have been a continuation of the left-wing #RESIST. Getting anything done in Congress was difficult or impossible.

Today, the political left talk of attempting to eliminate the Electoral College, ending any filibuster in the Senate and adding more justices to the Supreme Court (packing) if they win the presidency and a majority. Brick by brick, the Constitution and rules governing the three branches of our republic are threatened.

So indeed, this may very well be a fight for our democracy. As a result, I will speak out. I will vote. And I will encourage my neighbors to vote. I will openly and earnestly support proven leaders like Elise Stefanik and Dan Stec to represent our community, state and nation. For both have proven that they support our Constitution and our values in the North Country. #RESIST was never a solution. It was a tantrum we need to put behind us.

I urge you to support Elise Stefanik for Congress and Dan Stec for state Senate.


Ray Scollin

Saranac Lake


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