Questions for Rep. Stefanik

To the editor:

This letter is written for one purpose and one purpose only …

During the House’s impeachment hearings and immediately thereafter during the month of January, I wrote two comments on Elise Stefanik’s official website and requested personal responses from Ms. Stefanik. Other than receiving two form letters that did not address either of my issues, I am again requesting personal responses from Ms. Stefanik via a public forum because she has refused to do so from her website.

One of Elise Stefanik’s television reelection advertisements touted her bipartisanship.

¯ Elise Stefanik supports the bipartisan investigation into New York state’s failed nursing home policy as it responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will you, Ms. Stefanik, use that same bipartisan voice to denounce the lack of a national plan to halt the spread of this debilitating and deadly disease?

¯ Elise Stefanik secured bipartisan support to designate Fort Drum as the East Coast missile defense site pick. Will you, Ms. Stefanik, use that same bipartisan voice to denounce the bad-mouthing of our soldiers as “losers and suckers” and hold our prisoners of war and those soldiers who lost their lives as true heroes?

¯ Elise Stefanik was part of a House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry. As the only female Intelligence Committee member, Ms. Stefanik aggressively questioned witnesses and verbally clashed with Democratic colleagues. Will you, Ms. Stefanik, now use that same voice to champion all women’s voices, regardless of political affiliation, and denounce the characterization of being “nasty,” “a monster” and “a communist”?

¯ As a bipartisan vote in 2017, Elise Stefanik voted against a GOP bill that would have increased the state and local tax deduction. Will you, Ms. Stefanik, use your bipartisan voice to question the 2020 suspension of payroll taxes, as it may indeed deal a devastating blow by 2023 to the Social Security program that retirees rely on?

¯ Elise Stefanik’s bipartisan quote follows: “The American Health Care Act is not perfect, but it is an important step in reforming our broken health care system to help families. … I will continue to work to strengthen the support for those with preexisting conditions.” Will you, Ms. Stefanik, use that same bipartisan voice to question the nomination of a Supreme Court justice who publicly criticized the 2012 Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of Obamacare AND to question the whereabouts and content of any current draft replacement of Obamacare?

¯ Elise Stefanik announced the awarding of a bipartisan Department of Education Student Support Services Program $2 million grant for North Country colleges. Will you, Ms. Stefanik, use your bipartisan voice to denounce a supposed end of stimulus plan negotiations and seek a more comprehensive plan to include the much-needed funding of K-12 school districts as tax revenue losses and the coronavirus upheaval have devastated the already slim budgets of most New York state school districts?

Ms. Stefanik, do not stand back; do not stand by.

Ms. Stefanik, STAND UP; SPEAK UP!

Written by a New York 21st Congressional District registered independent voter,

Sally Rojek

Middle Grove


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