Longtime Republican supports Cobb

To the editor:

I’ve been a Republican for most of my life and proudly served in the Reagan administration as a political appointee. I have, from time to time, supported Democrats and independents, too — as no party has a monopoly on good people or good ideas about how to make our world a better place. I’m now very proud to support Tedra Cobb — an honest, hard-working, longtime resident of the North Country who knows the people and needs of our congressional district. She has been a volunteer firefighter, built her own business, raised a family and served others well as a county legislator. She knows that we — as a community — live together, work together, solve problems together and take care of one another together.

Under Reagan, I helped to promote Republican policies, but we all understood — directly from the president and his chief of staff, Jim Baker — that we were there to serve all Americans. Baker’s guidance to us: “Don’t worry who gets the credit for doing the good work of government; the president is happy to share it.” And there was lots of good work — and he did share it. I’ve never forgotten Baker’s advice in my life or career — one where I ultimately led several technology companies to success.

Sadly, Elise Stefanik has chosen to fully embrace an “us vs. them” approach — and decided to become a full partisan, serving only the perceived interests of Republicans (about 150,000 of the 700,00 people who live in our district). She could have taken the bipartisan path of my St. Lawrence University classmate, Sen. Susan Collins, but instead she has taken a highly partisan path.

Two hundred thousand Americans have died in the past six months of COVID-19; fortunately, though still tragically, a small number of deaths have happened in NY-21. Still, Ms. Stefanik thinks the president “has done a great job” for our country. Think about this for a moment: 200,000 is about the number of Democrats and independents in this district. For Elise, they are “dead” to her. Phony town halls, not asking for constituent names when you call into her office, voting to end health care, taking most of her donations from corporations out of the district, repeatedly lying about her opponent’s track record? All evidence that change is desperately needed now.

Tedra cares about everyone in this district, and you sense that the first minute you meet her. It’s Tedra time in the NY-21st! That will become “our time.”

Dekkers Davidson

Lake George


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