Is Stefanik bailing on Trump?

To the editor:

Is Elise Stefanik bailing on Trump? Her new ad states: “My opponent criticizes me for working with President Trump. … Well, I promised I would work with ANYONE.” She implies that she doesn’t like Trump and is only working for her constituents. If she only worked with him on policy, one might believe her, but with her dramatics at his impeachment proceedings for national attention, her participation in his rallies and Republican convention and her role in his New York reelection campaign, it’s clear that Stefanik works for one thing, herself.

If Stefanik cared about the North Country, she wouldn’t vote to take away our health care and end protections for preexisting conditions. She wouldn’t vote against our environment by allowing mining waste to be dumped into streams, and for easing emission standards on Midwest power plants, which causes our Adirondack acid rain. She wouldn’t vote to cut Medicare and Social Security. She wouldn’t ignore Russian bounties on our soldiers. Stefanik, who did not have her own residence in the district until 2018, has spent her entire adult life in Washington, working for the Republican establishment. Her only interest is her career and rewarding her major donors like the pharmaceutical, insurance and fossil fuel industries.

Tedra Cobb has lived, worked and served in the North Country for 30 years. Small-business owner, legislator, educator, firefighter, health care advocate, Tedra’s ONLY interest is her neighbors. Tedra does not accept corporate PAC funds. For a truly bipartisan, strong, independent voice in Washington, vote for Tedra Cobb.

Peggy Wiltberger

Saranac Lake


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