Green Party needs help

To the editor:

The Green Party is in serious trouble. Unless we get 200,000 votes on Nov. 3, we will lose our spot on the ballot. There are 28,000 members in the whole party in this state.

Whom could we draw from for potential voters? Those people who are not voting at all or not supporting any of the major parties.

In the Republican ranks — the Rockefeller Republicans who cannot vote Democratic.

So far, no real objection. When we come to the Democrats, all we are asking for is a few members of the party who realize that Biden is certain to win big in New York state to help us.

How to conclude? In the next 12 years, the Green New Deal has got to be enacted in its entirety. We are going to reach the point of no return where no matter what we do, it will not be enough environmentally.

I ran into activists in Vermont recently who gave the exact time frame.

Please don’t let us go extinct in the voting booth.


David Ryan

Saranac Lake


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