Expected at least a discussion in Tupper Lake

To the editor:

I was very disappointed that the motion (for an anti-racism resolution before the Tupper Lake Town Council) never received even a second. I had really hoped Tupper Lake had come out of its self-imposed isolationist attitude. And since when is the Adirondack Explorer a magazine from “outside”?

For the three months I was up in the area, I thought we were doing so well. Everyone in masks in Shaheen’s, Aubuchon, Walgreens, etc., social distancing and only one handmade “All Lives Matter” sign on Route 3. Then right before we left last Saturday, we noticed the Confederate flag in the window behind a Trump-Pence sign off Route 3. I really could care less if there were six Trump-Pence signs in the window or a dozen more dotting the yard, but the flag was really offensive. I felt like knocking at the door and telling the owner how I felt, but thought better of it.

I suppose one Confederate flag is not a trend, but there is a diversity initiative in the Tri-Lakes area, and this flag and the refusal to even have a discussion about an anti-discrimination motion are really disturbing.

Joan Grabe

Saranac Lake


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