Evelyn Wood, best bet for us in the Assembly

To the editor:

All three candidates running for state Assembly are focusing on similar issues that we desperately need. But we cannot depend on what the candidates are saying; we need to look at them individually, see who they are and what they have done to date, and watch the debate by the League of Women Voters on YouTube: “LWV-Saratoga NYS Assembly District 114 Virtual Candidate Forum 20201022.”

We don’t need another lawyer in Albany representing us, especially one who lives and works outside the Blue Line. We need someone who knows the issues of living in the Adirondack Park, a person with common sense who thinks outside the box and gets things done. We need someone who will answer to the people and not the parties.

The candidate we need is Evelyn Wood. Evelyn Wood obtained high-speed broadband while others talked. Evelyn had towns reaching out to her for assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as she had navigated that system rebuilding roads and bridges. As with any of the three candidates, Evelyn will be new in Albany, but she will not be silent. She will be heard, and she will navigate that system, too. Along with her opponents, she had attended a meeting of the state budget officer; she questioned their harsh directives while all others remained silent.

Evelyn cares deeply about our environmental issues. She lives with her family on the farm that has been in her family for generations and is concerned about our water, forests, air and safe, nutritional food, but she also knows the hardships of living in the Adirondack Park. She will continue to work on an even balance to keep our environment safe and healthy while at the same time advancing us with the technology we also need to survive.

Vote for Evelyn Wood for state Assembly, someone who acts rather than talks and someone who will represent us and our needs.

Gary Martin



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