Empire State

To the editor:

I now know why New York is called the Empire State. Our Emperor Cuomo has taken control of our lives.

It started out as flattening the curve to keep hospitals from overflowing. It’s now become a power grab for the purpose of hurting Trump. The looting, burning and the destruction of businesses without any restrictions were allowed in the name of peaceful protest. However, we had strict guidelines and phases put in place in order to worship, attend funerals or dine out. Masks were mandated and gatherings limited, both subject to fines. However, Chris Cuomo can brazenly violate them.

Cuomo told us to follow the science, but Dr. Sunetra Gupta, epidemiologist from Oxford, says lockdowns can cause irreparable damage. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the importance of opening schools, says “the best available evidence indicates that COVID poses relatively low risks to school age children. At the same time the harms attributed to closed schools on social, emotional and behavioral health in the short and long-term are well known and significant. For children with intellectual or physical disabilities nearly all therapies and services are obtained at school.” Science, however, only applies if it fits their narrative.

We know that seniors are vulnerable, yet Cuomo signed an executive order mandating COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. Instead of apologizing, he blamed Trump, even after he praised Trump on April 13 saying “he delivered for New York.”

Non-essential businesses were and still are subject to Cuomo’s restrictions. He has absolute power in saying who opens and closes. People lost their livelihoods and mental health, not in the name of science but in the name of politics. He also had the audacity to write a book touting his leadership success during COVID. So while New York “burned,” Emperor Cuomo “fiddled” with one hand while patting himself on the back with the other.

Actions have consequences. Remember this, and vote.

Craig Boyer



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