Are you ready?

To the editor:

Why do you people of the United States believe what that the so-called president says?

If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We wouldn’t have the COVID virus spreading where hundreds of people are dying every day.

Plus, having our health care insurance taken away from us poor and middle-class people. Not having enough protection so our children can go to school to learn in a safe environment.

Why are we voting for someone like him, who puts others down like dogs? Who has others at his side like Elise Stefanik, who kisses his feet? He puts people of all races down, which causes trouble for us in the future.

So is this what we want or need, America? You know what will happen to us for another four years to come, now don’t you?

Be happy now, America. I hope we will last for all those following years to come.

Stay safe. We will need it.

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake


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