Tossing words like grenades

To the editor:

I just read a letter to the editor from this paper printed a few days ago. The author used words like bigot, systemic racism and far right-wing describing police brutality and a candidate for an elected position in Saranac Lake. Listen comrades, police have an unqualified right to survive their encounters with felons who do not follow the commands that are given to them. If a person is commanded to not resist an arrest and they don’t feel like complying, the outcome may be less than satisfactory for them. Being arrested for a witnessed felony or warrant is serious, and an individual must comply. They can’t walk to their car to go for a weapon. People who use the term “systemic racism” are comrades, and this country is never going to change when it comes to the police’s absolute, guaranteed right to go home to their family after their encounter with thugs.

Randall Scott Gruel



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