The left hands of God

To the editor:

Donald Trump and the disgraced former president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. — what a team. 

Introducing Trump at Liberty University in 2016, Falwell stated the future president was Christ-like, “loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the Great Commandment.” Who can forget the heartfelt words of Christ speaking to men about how they should treat women: “I say unto thee, go forth and grab them by the …” Also, the Lord’s directive on brotherly love: “Love thy neighbor as thy self, except for devil-worshiping liberals and scum from s***hole countries.”

Falwell Jr. — who favorably compared the president to Winston Churchill – stated that Trump “speaks the plain common sense truth so many have been longing to hear.” Apparently this “truth” includes that climate change is “fake news,” COVID-19 is a hoax, and children are immune from coronavirus. Falwell Jr. has no problem with these falsehoods and the over 20,000 misstatements, half-truths and other outright lies Trump has uttered since he became president.

Falwell Jr stated our faith is based on the premise that “we are all equally bad.” From this theological perspective, one must conclude that Hitler, Gandhi, Stalin and Mother Theresa were, morality-wise, identical. This interpretation of sin allows Falwell Jr. — and like-minded believers — to engage in all manner of wrongdoing in the unwavering heavenly certainty they are no worse than anyone else.

Somewhere in the depths of hell, the devil is having a drink while musing about Trump and Falwell Jr. “It doesn’t get much better than these two. Here’s to the November election.”

George J. Bryjak 



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