The Cleveland Idiots

To the editor:

Hello, Cleveland! Why is your city’s Major League Baseball franchise still called the Indians? It’s 2020, you know — time to let the 1950s go.

Just like the Cleveland Indians franchise gave up their unbelievably offensive team logo “Chief Wahoo” (also known as Red Sambo) during 2018, after persistent public pressure, Cleveland will be shamed into finally ridding itself of its racist team name the Indians after the current baseball season ends.

In 1996, the Cleveland Browns National Football League franchise changed its name to the Ravens after relocating to Baltimore. So what’s Cleveland’s argument for keeping the inexcusable team nickname the Indians?

Considering Cleveland’s long history of losing, any one of these 10 alternative team names below would be a much more appropriate moniker for Cleveland’s baseball team:

¯ Cleveland Indefensibles

¯ Cleveland Incompetents

¯ Cleveland Irrelevants

¯ Cleveland Incontinents

¯ Cleveland Indignants

¯ Cleveland Irredeemables

¯ Cleveland Indigents

¯ Cleveland Indolents

¯ Cleveland Indigo Girls

¯ Cleveland Idiots.


Jake Pickering

Arcata, California


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