Tedra Cobb is someone we can trust

To the editor:

In these days of election choices, it is hard to know just whom we can trust. Do we follow political loyalties or listen to TV pundits or see how many lawn signs are for each candidate? How do we decide whom to vote for? Hopefully, we educate ourselves about the actual candidate and just what they stand for, making our decision independently from all of those other things.

I did that. And I believe that Tedra Cobb, a 30-year resident of the North Country, is the candidate who will best represent the interests of our region.

In Congress, she will know the needs and concerns of local people and represent our voice. As a longtime resident, Tedra is aware of our North Country environmental needs that are unique to us. Farming and tourism lead the list, to say nothing of our dependence on clean air and water. The preservation of our precious environment will not happen without strong representation. Tedra’s goal is to end fossil fuel subsidies, give incentives instead to clean energy and fully fund the Environmental Protection Agency so that we can protect our natural resources that our agricultural and tourism industries rely on.

Climate change is becoming more and more of a threat to our rural way of life; our lakes and rivers and wildlife are being threatened. Having someone who respects our region as a local will be more important than ever before.

Very importantly, Tedra will oppose ALL attempts to cut or privatize Social Security and Medicare. That alone goes beyond important to us all.

Tedra is not “climbing a political career ladder” to Washington, using District 21 to do that. Not taking a dime of corporate money, unlike her opponent, she avoids having to vote to “pay back” those contributors from out of state donations. She is one of us. She is an experienced St. Lawrence County legislator who does not give up. Running a second time because she knows she is the best person for the job is admirable and brave.

My husband and I have spent summers in Lewis County for over 30 years. We love the genuine people who live and work here … with so many kind, helpful and generous qualities that are unique these days.

Tedra Cobb is committed to this 21st District community. She will work for maintaining those qualities and values, not corporate America. 

I urge you to consider my decision but to make your own. Tedra Cobb will not let you down.

Julie Holmberg



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