Stefanik bipartisan? Effective? Not really

To the editor:

Rep. Stefanik says she’s an effective, bipartisan legislator for the North Country. This is hardly the case. She rarely gets her own legislation passed, doesn’t like working with Democrats, claims credit for the work of others, fails to help her constituents and doesn’t attend important congressional hearings.

Since 2017, two bills she introduced were passed into law, one creating a commemorative coin and another renaming a post office. She’s one of the least effective New York congressional members in getting her bills out of committee.

North Country Public Radio reported that she incorrectly took credit for writing and passing the Military Family Stability Act, originally written by Congressman Chris Gibson. When Tedra Cobb expressed support for the bill, Stefanik falsely claimed that Cobb plagiarized her work. Actually, Stefanik’s bill plagiarized Gibson’s work and never made it out of committee.

Regarding bipartisanship: Stefanik skipped all but one intelligence committee meeting this year. She explained that she doesn’t like working with committee Democrats and virtual hearings are a security problem, though she didn’t bother attending in person, either.

The congresswoman doesn’t protect North Country residents. She authored proposals capping Medicare benefits and privatizing Social Security. Stefanik voted to remove affordable health care protections for preexisting conditions and cut Medicaid. She voted against a bill to lower prescription drug costs and the HEROES Act to provide federal help to state/local governments, schools, first responders, the unemployed and small businesses.

Time for a change. Tedra Cobb for Congress!

Rod Driscoll


(Sources: North Country Public Radio, Watertown Daily Times, Albany Times Union, govtrack.us/congress/members/elise_stefanik/412648)


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