Splitting the ticket for the village’s future

To the editor:

I love my community, and as a young progressive Democrat I believe that climate change is the greatest threat our world faces. I believe that Black Lives Matter, and I believe in Saranac Lake. I also believe that a split ticket, so to speak, is the best path forward for our village’s future.

Here is why:

Village Trustee Tom Catillaz is a veteran of Saranac Lake politics, serving as both mayor and as village trustee over a number of years. He knows our community and our need for affordable housing, he loves our community and its potential as the largest municipality in the Adirondacks, and he is a cog in the semblance of a political machine of Saranac Lake in the best way — simply, he can bring people together to get things done. If you know him, and if you pay attention, you know he has experience.

I also believe in, and take to heart, the platform that write-in village trustee candidate Trevor Sussey is running on. He is a progressive, he also believes in working for more affordable housing in our community, and like Tom, he believes in the ability of our local police to work for justice and equity in our community, given the procedures and proper tools. Just as importantly, he has youthful energy, and the experience unique to persons who have come of age in the past 20 years. Persons growing up through two recessions, and the experience of building a life and family as a young person in the Adirondacks today. Together, these two candidates have the perfect combination to work toward making Saranac Lake the best it can be. That is why I urge you to join me on Sept. 15 to split the ticket to vote for Trustee Tom Catillaz and write-in candidate Trevor Sussey — the perfect combination of youth and local experience, pragmatism and energy to move our village forward in a time of great uncertainty, and great local opportunity.

Dylan Van Cott

Saranac Lake


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