No doubt Cobb is best

To the editor:

In 1972, I proudly wore my “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for McGovern” button because I was among the voters who knew that McGovern’s opponent, Richard M. Nixon, was not good for this country. Even though Nixon won by a landslide, I remained resolute. Of course, it was only about a year later that Nixon’s lies and deceptions were exposed and he resigned.

It is often a mix of facts, observations and concerns that govern our decision making at the polls. I had no doubt back then that the facts, what I saw and heard, and my own forebodings had led me to vote appropriately.

I once again have a very secure feeling about who I will vote for in November, both in the presidential and the congressional elections. As for our congressional district, I hope I will never have to wear a pin that says, “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Cobb.”

Here’s why: Cobb’s experiences in government, her willingness to listen to anyone who meets with her, her neighborly approach to leadership, her tireless work for accessible health care, her direct and clear messages, her personal strength, and the people I have met and talked to who support her have helped me realize that she would be representing me.

My experiences with Elise Stefanik stand in stark opposition. I have to admit, I have given up trying to reach out to her. I attended some area gatherings shortly after she was elected to meet her and voice my concerns. Each time she took a pass rather than to respond to our questions and concerns. When I was unable to directly ask her important questions such as her stance on health care, I wrote her. I received only one letter back, and that didn’t even address my concerns but informed me how she planned to vote. I called her offices more than a few times — never once getting to speak to her and often hearing defensive responses from her staff. I continually watch her put her career above her constituents. I prefer substance over show, and from my observations, Stefanik is all about show.

I have my facts, my observations and my concerns to guide me, and have no doubt who would make the best congressional representative for Congressional District 21. That is surely Tedra Cobb. Join me in voting for Tedra and vote for substance.


Carol Ann Kissam



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