High stakes involved in Saranac Lake election

To the editor:

I think people who read this section of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise are the more mature and community-minded people — folks like you, dear reader, who can be open-minded and reasonable, willing to hear someone else’s opinion and give it thoughtful consideration. After reading what I have to say, you might agree with me, and I hope you do because there are high stakes involved. Perhaps even the highest stakes: the ongoing safety and security of our family, friends and loved ones — in fact, our village as a whole.

These past months, we had summer residents returning and visitors from all over. Just being curious, I tallied some car license plates. In addition to our neighbors from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, I also saw California, Oregon, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Florida. When I was putting in at Lake Colby for a quiet morning paddle, a man driving a car with Texas plates also came to use the launch. He said he was looking forward to the trip for more than a year.

Visitors bring social and economic benefits, but I’m really glad our village did not become a hot spot of coronavirus outbreak. Obviously, it’s still a risk, and we need to stay the course with things that are working. For example, maintaining social distancing and of course wearing the face masks that village Trustee Rich Shapiro worked hard to keep us — and many visitors — aware of.

Mr. Shapiro has done impressive work for us, but not only the hard work of planning and implementing substantial signs about masks to help ensure public safety. Mr. Shapiro is the right choice for another term as village trustee because he is also working for our economic security by helping local businesses stay strong, and has also worked to coordinate various free food drives, to great success. Any one of these things by itself should show that Mr. Shapiro is the right choice for continuing his work as village trustee — but looking at his proven track record, he seems to have hit it out of the park — and earned a home run for Saranac Lake.

Of course, change is part of life, and many things still need to change. As we consider the priorities of what needs to change, and when it needs to change, it can be hard to decide. But it’s clear that we don’t need to impose change on those things that are already working, and working well. In preparing for the village trustee election, I read about a new candidate, and I carefully and thoughtfully considered his words and opinions. After doing so, I have much respect for his courage to speak up and for his offer to serve us at this time. With much neighborly good will for the new candidate, I must say, “Thank you, but now is not the time.” The stakes are simply too high, and Mr. Shapiro is simply working too well. Mr. Rich Shapiro is getting my vote — and he deserves your vote as well.

Mark Keating

Village resident

Saranac Lake


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