Balzac and Sussey offer needed changes

To the editor:

Something wonderful is happening in the village of Saranac Lake. The village elections Sept. 15 are giving the public a choice. Fred Balzac, a candidate for village trustee, and Trevor Sussey, a write-in candidate for village trustee, are running not only to give village a choice but also to bring changes to governing.

The changes needed are transparency, more opportunity for public input, a closer look at how money is allocated, and how variances and development rules are decided.

 Fred and Trevor are calling for a more sustainable development and a more diversified economy. Our area cannot just depend on tourism. The village board puts a high percentage of tax money into marketing and businesses that are to build this one industry. Fred Balzac and Trevor Sussey believe in also developing more sustainable businesses such as the arts, organic farming and supporting our medical community. Most recently there is an opportunity for growth in the rescue services by allowing a safe building for the rescue vehicles and staff.

The village police force is good, but there are innovative ways it can better help the community by having professionals skilled in addiction, mental health and family services. Fred Balzac and Trevor Sussey have been part of groups that would like to participate in this change that could actually pull in county and state resources without increasing the budget. This conversation with the community, police force, social services and the medical center needs to take place before a private corporation such as Lexipol is hired.

Diversity in our population, better environmental legislation, public health and transparency are hallmarks of Fred’s and Trevor’s campaign. I urge the people of Saranac Lake to vote for Fred Balzac and Trevor Sussey by absentee ballot now or in person on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Sue Abbott-Jones

Saranac Lake


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