Among the American people

To the editor:

Walking gingerly toward Marine One, President Trump stops briefly to rant at CNN over the deafening roar of the chopper. It’s off to Andrews Air Force Base to board the people’s plane for another hit-and-run stand-up routine while Sleepy Joe Biden hides in his Delaware basement. Mr. Trump has used this Sleepy Joe refrain a number of times already today, not realizing you’d have to be dumber than Ayn Rand’s character He-of-the-Half Brain from her novel “Anthem” to fall for it.

Now AF1 can accommodate as many as 70 sycophants in first-class comfort, so the plane is full. The president and his closest aides are free to roam the 4,000-square-foot private quarters. Being two stories high, this space does include what might be termed a basement. There are two fully stocked, fully staffed kitchens that can serve up to 100 haute cuisine meals. At 700 mph and no route restrictions, AF1 is never more than a few hours from home on these rally trips.

Arrive at destination; roll AF1 into place as a prop; walk from the plane’s stairway over the specially built bridge onto the elevated stage well above the 5,000 members of the madding, cramped, unmasked crowd; wait three to four minutes while spittle from the roars settles; do 60 to 90 minutes bragging and ridiculing; wave and point at various members of said attendees as if recognizing them personally; enter 4,000-square-foot private space, and scrub thoroughly in the lavish lav. It is exhausting hanging with the American people, so at 700 mph the nap will be brief.

Michael J. Treska

Lake Placid


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