America’s future in the balance

To the editor:

America has voted for the progressive candidate for president in six of the last seven presidential elections, yet two of those Democratic presidential administrations were supplanted by right-wing ideologues: George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Where would America be today if the will of the people had been honored in 2000 and again in 2016? How different would our courts be, including the Supreme Court? I put to you that we, as a nation AND a planet, would be in one HELL of a lot better place than we find ourselves today. The continuing adherence to the ridiculous Electoral College system is perverting the basic tenants of democracy, making it easier for the GOP to play its gerrymandering and vote-suppressing games, and also for foreign AND domestic actors to skew and undermine our future elections by just having to mess with the vote in a handful of “swing states.” Do we, as a nation, want to suffer through another Trump OR Bush fiasco? I sure don’t.

Thomas Pondysh

St. Regis Falls


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