A vote for Trevor Sussey is a mistake

To the editor:

Voting for write-in candidate Trevor Sussey for any position of power is a mistake, in my opinion! He is running with a socialist endorsement, yet he himself is a landlord who made a pregnant woman, her husband (me) and her two children vacate the premises.

The reasoning for this eviction was so he could take immediate residence in the apartment house with no regard for how it would force the family into the most stressful situation of their lifetime.

In addition, he also purposefully sprayed lead-based paint into the apartment by spraying the exterior paint with a pressure washer, and exposed a 2-year-old to elevated levels of lead, which were noticed during the child’s annual blood work, which occurred a month after the exposure. He wanted us to vacate sooner than we were legally allowed, so he began using dirty tricks such as this to ensure our speedy departure.

He is not a good person, in my opinion, and therefore never mind a good candidate for anything beyond CEO or an executive of a toxic waste company, violating numerous environmental laws with little regard to our children or country!


Roger Sherman

Saranac Lake

Editor’s note: Please also see Trevor Sussey’s response to this letter, in today’s news article titled “Tough questions for Saranac Lake candidates.” He strongly denies that he “purposefully sprayed lead-based paint into the apartment” or that he used “dirty tricks” to pressure the Sherman family to leave sooner than the notice he had given them shortly after buying the house. Sussey says he did pressure-wash the exterior after scraping paint from windowsills but did not realize paint or water might get into the apartment. We informed Roger Sherman of Sussey’s response, but he said he stands by these statements, because he said Sussey pressure-washed again after Sherman raised the lead paint concern and asked him to stop. This took place in summer 2018 in Saranac Lake.


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