State troopers need anti-bias training

To the editor:

I was very impressed by Peter Crowley’s front-page article, “Driving While Black.” I love that the Enterprise was liberal enough to report on the panel discussion put on by the Adirondack Diversity Intiative.

I had heard the Dominick Boone story before. I found it very upsetting. Mr. Boone appears to have done a great job at Paul Smith’s with revamping its sports programs; it was a shame to lose him.

My main questions revolve around the troopers themselves and their management. Do many troopers routinely stop Black drivers, or is it only a couple of biased officers? I would think that their “boss” would be interested in the matter and thoroughly investigate it. Certainly anti-bias training is in order.

I went to a religious college in the ’50s, and this hearkens back to that time. There were two Black students in the freshman class, and they were told to date only each other. My husband just commented that “those were the times.” Are the 2020s the time for this kind of behavior by our “boys in blue?”

Elaine Holmlund

Saranac Lake


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