Cobb cares about people over party

To the editor:

In a time when each day brings more outrageous political news and policies that are developed based on perceptions rather than facts, one has to appreciate Tedra Cobb’s practical and rational approach to reopening schools.

“We must listen to our teachers, local health professionals, and the science to determine the best course of action,” Cobb said in a recent interview with the Adirondack Daily Enterprise (July 29). Wow! Listen to the experts and scientists before making policy decisions. Cobb is correct that blanket recommendations for the whole country aren’t appropriate for schools in widely varying COVID-19 circumstances.

The current Senate Republicans’ HEALS Act proposal considers penalizing schools financially if they don’t hold in-person classes. Using financial aid as a lever for the sake of appearances or political gain is wrong. Schools need the flexibility to open in a manner consistent with their local circumstances without fear of losing funding. We must open schools safely to protect everyone.

It will be great to have a representative for District 21 who cares about people over party or perception, and uses facts and science to guide decisions. Tedra Cobb will work for us and our students. Please support her as we approach one of the most important election cycles in recent history. 

Margie Gallagher

Lake Placid


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