‘Back the Blue’ rally is time for Stefanik lies

To the Editor:

At the Back the Blue rally in St. Lawrence County, Stefanik lied to her supporters about her political opponent, Tedra Cobb. She said, “I have an opponent who supports defunding the police” (Watertown Daily Times July 19, 2020).

That is not true! In June, Cobb stated, “‘First and foremost I do not support defunding the police,’ Cobb wrote in an email. ‘But I do think we need reforms. . .’ Cobb has not released public statements on these [Congressional police reform] bills, but the Stefanik campaign sent out press releases with assumptions of what Cobb’s opinions are.” Stefanik didn’t respond to that reporter’s request for comments (The Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 30, 2020).

The article is easily found on the web, so you can read for yourself details about Ms. Cobb’s positions on police reform, and her clear statement that she “[does] not support defunding the police.” Cobb’s campaign confirmed to me that her position has not changed.

Stefanik is lying to her own constituents, mirroring her mentor Trump’s style of fear tactics and boldfaced lies.

Tedra Cobb probably understands local law enforcement better than Stefanik does. Cobb worked inside of prisons and was a volunteer firefighter. Nationwide, we do need reforms: the rates at which Black Americans are detained, arrested, hurt and killed by police are horrific and must change. We must come together to stop dangerous practices for the good of everyone. Our own St. Lawrence County Sherriff Bigwarfe is already willingly working to meet new state standards (North Country This Week, July 14, 2020).

And where is Elise Stefanik? She is lying to us, the voters, in order to scare us and divide us. The truth is that law enforcement officers are not under attack, and Tedra Cobb does not want to defund the police. We deserve an honest, responsible, balanced representative in Congress, and that is Tedra Cobb.

Jennifer Mitchell



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