Trump is an aberration from US history

To the editor:

Over the past weekend I watched the multi-series PBS show on the Roosevelts. Teddy, Eleanor and FDR each accomplished such extraordinary things during their lives that helped the neediest and the nation as a whole, that few could ever match. None of them was perfect. Each had failings, but the strength of their will was so strong and true and relentless that this nation is so much the better because of them.

Then along comes Trump. No idea of what democracy or governance is. No experience in leading a nation. Pitiful.

Do what makes me look good! Forget science! Deny climate change! The virus will just go away! Russia is our buddy!

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise cannot print the words that, in private, I use to describe this excuse of an American president. Nixon did stupid things but passed superb social and environmental laws that guide us today. Not Trump. Divide, and get applause. Sick.

Please use your absentee ballot to get us rid of this horrible aberration in our history.

Mike Storey

Saranac Lake


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