Petition: We’re working to fight racism in our area

To the editor:

We, the undersigned, condemn racism and assert that Black Lives Matter. Graffiti and other expressions of racism are a form of violence specifically targeting Black citizens and other people of color. Further, they make our communities less safe and can’t be tolerated.

We are committed to doing the work necessary to dismantle white privilege within ourselves and our society. We are dedicated to liberty and justice for all, not just for some.

Racist graffiti is not welcome here, nor are racist viewpoints, but we, the undersigned recognize that all American white people have racism within us. This is the society and culture in which we were raised. It is our responsibility to release this privilege and work for a truly equitable community.


Adrien N. Vlach, Saranac Lake

Alan James Spencer

Amanda Zullo, Lake Clear

Anastasia Osolin, Saranac Lake

Andrea Kilbourne-Hill, Saranac Lake

Anita Anthony Estling, Saranac Lake

Ann Mullen and Karen Graff, Saranac Lake

Anne Marie Nightingale-Duprey, Vermontville

Audrey Schwartzberg, Saranac Lake

Barbara K. Stowe

Beth Bartos-Martin

Beth Guglielmi, Lake Placid

Caroline Dodd, Saranac Lake

Charlotte Staats, Keene

Chase Jermano, Lake Placid

Chelby Lawrence, Lake Placid

Chris Morris, Saranac Lake

Cindy Shortell, Vermontville

Cindy Williams, Saranac Lake

Crystal Smedley

Danielle Nicole, Wilmington

Danyelle Jones, Saranac Lake

Donna Mensching, Saranac Lake

Dylan Van Cott, Saranac Lake

Eileen Mills, Lake Placid

Elaine Taylor

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth S. Hall

Emilie Allen and Patrick McAvoy, Gabriels

Ernest Hough, Bloomingdale

Gail Frelier Kissel, Lake Placid

Gail Meyer, Saranac Lake

Gwen Goodman

Gwyn-Anne McCallie Bissonette, Lake Placid

Hadley Kruczek-Aaron, Saranac Lake

Jada Meadows, Saranac Lake

Jane Haugh, Upper Jay

Jen Kretser, Saranac Lake

Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten, Jay

Jennifer Willett Everritt, Bloomingdale

Jess Collier, Saranac Lake

Jessica Jakobe, Rainbow Lake

Jessica Nugent Kelly and family, Lake Placid

Joann White, Saranac Lake

John L. Spear, Lake Placid

Katherine Rhodes, Saranac Lake

Kathy and Lonnie Ford, Saranac Lake

Kathy Woughter

Keela Grimmette, Lake Placid

Kelley Metzgar, Saranac Lake

Kelly Hogg Hofschneider, Saranac Lake

Kim Massari Holmlund, Saranac Lake

Kristin Aldrich, Saranac Lake

Laura and Jenna Eldred, Lake Placid

Linda Jones

Lisa Randall, Lake Placid

Lucy Blue

Marcy Gotzmer, Saranac Lake.

Martha Pritchard Spear, Lake Placid

Martine Schachenmayr, Lake Placid

Mavis Agnew, Lake Placid

Mary Pat Baker, Lake Placid

Mary Smith, Saranac Lake

Meg Stanton, Bloomingdale

Michaela Dunn, Saranac Lake

Michale Glennon, Ray Brook

Nancy Corwin, Lake Placid

Nicole Morin, Saranac Lake

Noel Carmichael, Lake Placid

Pamela M. Palumbo

Patricia Monroe, Saranac Lake

Peg Draper, Lake Placid

Peggy LaPoint Orman, Saranac Lake

Rene Jacoby, Lake Placid

Ryan Nerp, Saranac Lake

Sarah Galanti Shoemaker, Saranac Lake

Sarah Updegraft

Shana Bielemeier, Saranac Lake

Shaun Kittle, Saranac Lake

Sonya Fisher Stein

Stacie Beccaria, Saranac Lake

The Cash family, Lake Placid

The O’Brien/Wood family, Lake Placid

Tom, Jessica, Samantha and Dorie Pecota, Saranac Lake

Tracey Folmsbee Schrader, Saranac Lake

Vannesa Houghtlin, Saranac Lake

Virginia Slater, Saranac Lake


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