Elect a rep who really supports the military

To the editor

I read the letter in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise recently praising Stefanik for her support of the military. The very fact of her support for our draft-dodger president should give the writer pause.

The members of our military past, present and future are our heroes. Any member of the political class who hasn’t served in uniform is only using them for their own political ends.

For a politician it is a no-brainer to support our military. In a district like NY-21 with a large Army base near Watertown, it is an imperative. Whomever the congressperson, that is what they will do.

Stefanik is only interested in one thing — her political career. She has moved from one political job to another ever since she graduated from Harvard. She cozied up to Paul Ryan with her eyes on bigger and bigger prizes. Being one of the few Republican women on the Hill helped tremendously. Then along came Trump, who never met a sycophant he didn’t like, and she became a “rising star”! She’s hitched her wagon to a cowardly braggart who WON’T respond to the bounty hunting of American soldiers in Afghanistan, paid for by Russia.

It is time for Stefanik to be “retired” by the voters. Vote patriotically; vote for Tedra Cobb. She will respect and honor the sacrifices of our military.

Thank you,

Parmelee Tolkan

Lake Placid


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