Cobb is the better choice for Congress

To the editor:

This year’s race in New York’s 21st Congressional District presents voters with a stark comparison. The challenger, Tedra Cobb, has lived in the district since attending SUNY; she married and raised a family here. She created her own independent business, and she works here, volunteers with local groups, has been a firefighter and done the hard work of a county legislator. She works respectfully with people of all backgrounds and all political preferences. She’s running because she wants to continue serving her home and her country. She wants all to have access to health care, to help local businesses thrive, to make our communities safer and more welcoming.

Elise Stefanik now must run on her two-term record without much to show. Her big 2016 Obamacare repeal-replace pledge showed she had no alternative, no plan. She uses playground taunts, distorts facts and runs a fear-mongering campaign. She appears to see her current office as a stepping stone towards a higher-placed political post, or perhaps a punditry job on some TV network. Her public appearances are choreographed; she mostly avoids open appearances and probing questions from reporters or constituents. Even when her party’s leadership has engaged in damaging words, actions or inaction, she remains silent or engages in weak-kneed objection.

Based on Tedra Cobb’s work and public service, I believe that Ms. Cobb will be a voice of reason in the U.S. Congress. She will listen to and engage with ALL her constituents, will act on behalf of her district and on behalf of making the country stronger, and open to a variety of opinions. I believe she will lead and make difficult decisions and take courageous stances. She won’t please everybody all the time, but she will work hard for us, and make NY-21 a better place.

That’s why I intend to vote for Tedra Cobb this November.


Peter Wilson

Lake Clear


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