Bear lockers

To the editor:

There was recently another bear killed in the High Peaks. I am wondering if anyone has thought of installing bear lockers at Marcy Dam. They have them in Yosemite. Maybe it would be a good idea for the Department of Environmental Conservation to look into this.

They could probably also install electric fencing around the lockers for an extra measure. (This is an electric fence near the High Peaks Information Center at the garbage dumpster.) This might be good for a number of reasons: Hikers won’t need to buy canisters, it would keep all the food in one location, and maybe they could set up picnic tables inside the electric fence and ask that campers eat there. The campers would be less scared in their tents and lean-tos, and the bears might eventually learn that they can’t get food here, and maybe the problem would lessen considerably.

I’m sure this flies in the face of “forever wild,” but they are forever going to have this problem if they don’t try to think of a solution.

Tom Lyng



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