Amid the pandemic I say thank you again

To the editor:

I wanted to say thank you again to an anonymous donor that sent Casier Furniture a grant to help get through this unprecedented time in our history. The grant came to me via the Saranac Lake Rotary Foundation Inc. The times we are living in are strange and unpredictable. Who knows what the new normal will be like six months from now? I came here in 1988 to work with my father. I’ve always been an outdoorsman. I wouldn’t live anywhere else on earth. This place is heaven. But what completes it all is the people that I share this place with. When the chips are down, the people step up and help each other. I appreciate this grant from this anonymous donor and am so lucky to live here in the Adirondacks.

Mark A, Palyswiat

Saranac Lake


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