Thanks for all the art

To the editor:

So I recently got word that I won the award for best arts reporting from the New York News Publishers Association. I would love to gloat, but ya’ll don’t want to hear that. Instead I’ll skip right to showing my appreciation for arts.

This pandemic sucks, and it has put a real damper on the amount of art Tri-Lakers can consume. However, that won’t stop me from giving shout-outs to some awesome artists, coordinators and educators who made my reporting possible.

Kiki and Eric and everyone down at the Waterhole, you consistently bring in great bands. Kent Streed, Leslie Dame, Kim Bouchard and everyone at Pendragon, thanks for letting me come to rehearsals and do interviews. Drew Benware, Keith Kogut, Bonnie Brewer and Helen Demong, ya’ll rock at teaching the students music and putting on the plays in Saranac Lake. Brenden Gotham, I love your enthusiasm for the plays and musicals at Lake Placid High School. Liz and George Cordes, you folks put on crazy-impressive shows at Tupper Lake High School. BluSeed Studios, NorthWind and the Artists Guild, it’s incredible to say Saranac Lake has three galleries within, like, a 1-mile walking distance. Plus, the free wine and cheese is always dope. James and Ali and the rest of the LPCA crew, you’ve always been good to me and allowed me to do some cool interviews. Courtney at the Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society, you were a big help with the Kate Smith piece, and when this pandemic ends, we should hit up another museum. Gary and Fred and everybody who puts the Adirondack Film Society and the Lake Placid Film Festival together, you rock. I’m a real cinephile, so I love that that culture exists in the Adirondacks. Scott, Tim and all the people at the Recovery Lounge, JANUARY JAMS RULES! Sarah and Jennie Curtis, you never cease to amaze me with all the cool projects you take on. Everybody at the Nail, thanks for having a consistent open mic night. Music on the Green, Songs at Mirror Lake and the Lake Placid Sinfonietta, thanks for providing so many opportunities for live music. Karen Davidson and Peter Seward, I love all the avant-garde acts you bring to Lake Flower Landing. Keep it weird. Adirondack Center for Writing, your Story Slams are some of my favorite events to attend and perform in. Dave Filsinger, TrestleStreet is a beautiful labor of love. Saranac Lake is lucky to have that space.

I’m probably missing some folks and venues, but that’s a good problem. It means there are so many artists and avenues for Adirondackers to experience art that it’s hard to keep track of them. Anyone that I missed, know that you’re all just as important to the Tri-Lakes arts scene. I’m just a scatterbrain.

Griffin Kelly

Pearl River


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