Stand up for values of caring and fairness

To the editor:

Do our eyes register what we see on TV? Do we hear the anguish in the voices of our fellow Americans of color? Can we cast aside their pleas for justice, fairness, equal chance to succeed? Can our basic DNA, which stands for values I learned at home and school, hold our beautiful country steady and hopeful?

I do not think labels help us at all; they should be tossed on the bonfires that are inflaming the soul of our country. Justice, accountability, fairness, honesty, generosity, caring — these powerful words need to be our hope, our M.O., our pleas, our peace.

Just as Gov. Cuomo is calling on New Yorkers to be “tough, smart, disciplined and loving,” so, too, should we New Yorkers call on America to be the same.

Ann M. TenEyck

Saranac Lake


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