Sad to see we haven’t made so much progress against racism

To the editor:

For God’s sake, all the cops-killing-black-men news! A goodly portion on video! Every day! I, aging (hell, OK, aged) middle-class white guy, thought racial progress had been — well — progressing since my formative years in the (ulp!) ’60s.

Nope. No way.

Oh jeez, my country ’tis of thee has been shown convincingly to have failed, failed most tragically in thought, word and deed, to afford that dream — where’s it engraved? Oh yeah, “Equal Justice Under Law,” on that funny-looking Corinthian-columned building in D.C. — to about 40% of our fellow citizens.

Shared national psychic pain, to be sure, but before I get back to our fellow countrymen and women of color, let me tell you that one of my college profs sure got my attention saying there is no other word to describe what we and our predecessors did to Native Americans other than genocide. Please read, learn, and think about it.

Let’s have a national debate about ‘zackley what reparations mean. My own half-baked, or more properly inchoate and admittedly premature view is it should be put in the Constitution to be as eternal as the republic, and aimed at upcoming and future generations of Black and Native Americans.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Glennon

Ray Brook


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