Memo to Trump

To the editor:

Memo to President Donald Trump from one of your avid fans:

A bit of advice:

1. Inform the Republican Party that you do not plan to be their candidate in the November election.

2. Realize that you have achieved your goal. You won the election in 2016, and you will be forever the 45th president of the United States of America.

3. Your name and picture will be inscribed in history books forever as the 45th president of the United States of America.

4. You can forever remind the nation how, under your direction, the high peaks of the stock market and the wealth of the nation were achieved. You certainly can’t be blamed for the onslaught of the coronavirus because you moved with such dispatch to control it.

5. You can point to the fact that you kept us out of any new wars and withdrew some troops from the world’s hot spots. You did abandon the Kurds, but you sent troops to keep the Syrian oil fields out of the clutches of ?????

6. A loss in the 2020 election would leave a black mark on your record. Why risk it? Although your friend Mitch is withholding legislation to fix our old voting machines, a step that could help you win, why risk it?

7. Go out on top. Let someone else take on the responsibility of the coronavirus, the resulting incoming recession, the task of rebuilding. Certainly, none of this was your fault. Go out on top, go play golf at Mar-a-Lago, keep right on tweeting, and continue your joy of belittling your predecessor and now your successors. Have fun! Godspeed!

Tom McCarthy

Tupper Lake


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