Meadowbrook hairdresser

To the editor:

As someone who works at the facility, I feel obliged to say that as unfortunate as the situation is, keeping the hairdresser from entering Meadowbrook Healthcare is the right decision.

COVID cases are going up again across the country; it’s only a matter of time before it catches on again in New York state. This is a vulnerable population we are talking about, almost 280 patients and residents throughout the facility that are elderly and with weakened immune systems. Every person who enters that building runs the risk of potentially spreading infection, no matter how careful we all are, and all it takes is that one person to come in and potentially infect several people before tragedy happens. As unfortunate as the situation is, it’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken if it doesn’t need to be. I know many residents, staff and family members are angry and upset at the events taking place, but we, as health care professionals, should not be risking potential infection with COVID because people want their hair done. The hairdresser who comes to Meadowbrook is a wonderful woman, and I know this situation is hard for her as well. She has my sincere sympathy, and I know she only wants the best for the residents. I also know for a fact she was being as careful as everyone else in the facility, but at the end of the day, as soothing and therapeutic as going to the hairdresser is, hairdressing is not an essential part of health care.

These are trying times without a doubt, and the residents of Meadowbrook and other health care facilities are affected more than the majority of people, but we shouldn’t put their lives at unnecessary risk. It’s arrogant and condescending to act this way when human life is involved.

Landon Gosselin, CNA



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