It can be

To the editor:

Is the United States safe for all its citizens? Is poverty the result of racism? It can be.

Each day we make decisions through our actions and inactions. Some of us reflect on whether or not we have done something good. Did I keep myself and others safe? Did I help my community by helping those who lack the resources to fight disease, discrimination and desolation?

What have I donated? Masks, food, monies?

Whom have I thanked? First responders, cashiers, delivery personnel?

Our country is in crisis. Tens of thousands of people are dead due to an ultra-microscopic infectious agent — the coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of dying due to the culture we live in. I ask you to ponder the questions I posed and then answer one more. What else can I do?

Please post your answers where our community can see them. On social media, on your front lawn, on the bulletin board of your grocery store, or right here in the newspaper. We need to hear from you. We need to be uplifted and make the future look bright.

Michelle Zelkowitz



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