Camp Regis Applejack cancels 2020 summer season

To the editor:

For the past four months, we at Camp Regis Applejack have attempted to develop a way to safely run this summer despite the fact that the majority of our peer camps had already canceled. We held out hope because we know how hard it has been for our camp families, especially the children, to be in quarantine for the last two-plus months. We really wanted to be that ray of light at the end of the lockdown; however, our first and primary objective is to keep our campers safe.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the spread, symptoms and severity of the coronavirus as well as the lack of guidance from the state, we could not find a way to safely run camp this summer. As such, we at Camp Regis Applejack have decided to cancel all of our 2020 summer camp sessions. Please know that we made this decision with the best interest of our campers, camp families, camp staff and community in mind.

Camp Regis Applejack has already shifted its focus on the 2021 summer, with our new seven-week summer program up and ready for campers to enroll. We will be taking this summer to update our facilities, further our plans to create more great programs for our campers and develop some great camp events throughout the year. This summer would have been our 75th year of operation, but with the cancellation of the 2020 summer, our 75th year of operation now moves to the 2021 summer season. We had planned a lot of exciting special events for the occasion, and now we are taking our planning to the next level for our new and improved 75th anniversary! We look forward to not only giving our campers an unforgettable 2021 summer but to have our beloved alumni join us for our anniversary reunion on Upper St. Regis Lake.

The great takeaway from this unfortunate cancellation is that it gives us an extra year to properly research and prepare for what will be our new normal following the stay-at-home orders and the COVID-19 peaks. We are committed to being able to run a safe, fun and amazing 2021 summer at Camp Regis Applejack. We want to thank all of our loyal camp families, alumni and staff for your patience and understanding in this time of uncertainty. We cannot wait to see all your smiling faces next summer!

Emily Yancey

Paul Smiths


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