Tips for enjoying Moody Pond

To the editor:

It sure feels like summer is already here on Moody Pond. With Adirondackers seeking refuge from the COVID-19 pandemic outdoors, it has been the busiest spring in memory and will likely be the busiest summer ever. As a year-round resident, several times-a-day walker and spring cleaner-upper, I would like to make a few suggestions to make it the best and safest summer ever.

Forest Hill Avenue, the road around Moody Pond, at two lanes wide is ideal for physical distancing and socialization at a safe 6 feet or more apart. It is a vehicular thoroughfare, however, and pedestrians walking three abreast or switching from side to side to maintain distance puts them at risk. The natural solution to this is to follow New York State Law Article 27, Section 1156b, which states:

“Where sidewalks are not provided any pedestrian walking along and upon a highway shall when practicable walk only on the left side of the roadway or its shoulder facing traffic which may approach from the opposite direction. Upon the approach of any vehicle from the opposite direction, such pedestrian shall move as far to the left as is practicable.” (As a tip, going counter-clockwise keeps you on the pond side of the road.)

Please think of the pond road as a right-of-way through private properties. With the probable exceptions of the Baker Mountain trailhead and the entrance to The Pines, both sides of the road are owned by the residents. Most shore owners welcome and enjoy sharing the pond with visitors, but ask that you respect their privacy and that you help maintain the environment. Please don’t litter, and be sure to pack your dog’s poop out. There are bags at two locations and a trash can on the northwest side of the pond.

Also, please remember that the only public parking on the pond is at the Baker trailhead on the pond side. Please don’t park on lawns. If parking spots are full, consider parking on Dugway Avenue near the Herb Garden.

The posted speed limit on the pond is 30 miles per hour, but most of us don’t feel this to be safe, given the pedestrians, bicyclists and playing children. There are a number of curves with limited visibility. Please consider slowing down. At 30 mph, once around the pond takes two minutes. At 15 mph, it only takes an additional two. Slow down and enjoy the view while you ensure the safety of others.

Welcome to our early summer. Enjoy your walks.

Margaret Worden

Saranac Lake


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