The worse crisis

To the editor:

We all, to greater or less degrees, are bearing hardships related to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Across the globe there are wide-ranging responses from nation to nation. There is also diversity within nations as to the best way to respond. We all fervently hope a vaccine will be discovered that would greatly mitigate the impact of this virus. Hopefully, at that time, we could find a new normal that provides a decent quality of life for all people on this Earth.

This pandemic is also an unfortunate harbinger of things to come. While our focus today is on battling this horrendous disease, the climate crisis still looms unabated, posing a greater and greater risk. The people of this country recognize the reality of climate change, with 70% of people understanding this climatic event is with us and it will continue to increase in severity.

There is a lesson in this nation’s response to the current pandemic as to how we approach the climate crisis. The entire human race is affected by this climate change crisis. The basic but critical component to solve it is we must work in a cohesive and cogent fashion. The longer a solution is forthcoming, the more people will be victimized. If the climate crisis is not resolved, unfortunately the victims will be every plant and animal species in the air, on the land and in the waters of this Earth. There will be millions to billions of human refugees, starvation occurring as growing seasons and water distribution dramatically change. In short, it will dwarf the current disruption of the pandemic. The onset of climate change is here, but if we act on a worldwide basis and quickly, we may be able to keep a sustainable world.

A significant difference between COVID-19, where we are struggling to find an effective vaccine, and the climate crisis is that we already know what to do to address it. We can do this. It is not aspirational; it is a reality.

The critical lesson we must learn for our long-term survival is, when the overwhelming majority of physicians and scientist tell us the truth based on research data, we must act on it. Just as the pandemic is not a “hoax,” neither is the climate crisis, with its mountain of supportive scientific evidence. Sarcasm, violence and leadership incompetence have to be overcome to bring a united, cohesive assault on the climate crisis. Failure will not just limit misery to humans but rather all matter of creatures and plant life.

What to do? Find an organization to support (the internet is a great source of climate change groups), make a donation, call or write legislatures, and vote. There are many choices to make in your daily lives that will help reduce greenhouse gas.

Stay well and be safe.

Warm regards,

Stephen DeHond

Saranac Lake


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