Republicans sure have changed

To the editor:

A poll has been presented by Data For Progress and the Justice Collaborative Institute which shows that over 50% of Republican voters are in favor of a bill proposed by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (a member of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “The Squad”), which would give every American a monthly “universal basic income” check of $2,000 while the pandemic is ongoing. Then it would provide every American with a monthly “universal basic income” check of $1,000 for an additional year.

For over 40 years, I have had to listen to conservatives and Republicans rant and drone on and on about how incompetent and wasteful that the federal government is. I have had to listen to their drivel about how we should never add to the national debt and the federal budget deficit, and why we should cut Social Security to demonstrate that we are being “fiscally responsible.”

And now, all of a sudden, they want to ride the big, bad federal government “gravy train.” I thought you all believed in “limited government?”

So now, after listening to your cold-hearted, right-wing “survival-of-the-fittest” social Darwinist ideology and propoganda for 40 years, I find out that you not only are a bunch of HYPOCRITES and POSERS, but that you have turned into “crazy socialists.”


Stewart B. Epstein



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