ADK Unite draws strong support

To the editor:

We are community of passion. One that rallies around building community gardens, supplying and staffing bake sales and doing our part for volunteer-run organizations. All of them. We help pay our neighbors’ hospital bills when they need it. Fuel the meal train when a family has a new baby. Loan our pickup trucks and tools. Buy every book we know we’ll never read from library book sales, only to donate them back and buy them again the next year.

It’s what we do. We’re Adirondackers. We unite around each other. And we welcome the support of people who love our communities as much as we do, from wherever they may be.

When Jim Williams from the local radio group called to see how Bike Adirondacks might be able to support ADK Unite, the answer was the same as the one you’ve given time and time again to your friends and loved ones: “Of course. What do you need?” Then you do more than what is asked.

Which is exactly what ADK Uniters have done. As of right now, nearly 260 people have registered to walk, run or ride their bike to support our area food pantries. Many of whom heard about the event from an article written by this paper. But here’s the thing. These AMAZING people are from 62 different cities and 16 states. And not just from the Northeast. Folks in California, Texas, Florida, Minnesota and Virginia are supporting our community food banks.

Over 28 businesses signed up to sponsor, and when the sponsorship window closed, those who missed it donated money anyway.

Across our region, people who never thought they’d ever need the help of a food pantry or other social resources are thankful that our communities are here to support. That’s you. You are the community. Thank you.

ADK Unite will officially close registration at midnight on Sunday, May 31. If you haven’t signed up or donated (which you can do without officially signing up), please consider registering at bikeadirondacks.com.

To those who have, you have my heartfelt appreciation. Let’s continue to be there for those who need it. Today, and every day.


Doug Haney

Owner and founder

Bike Adirondacks

Saranac Lake


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