Trump is a bad president

To the editor:

You people think you got a good president?

Well, people, you are wrong. He’s not a good president.

Tell me, people, why are you still on that fake so-called president’s side? Why?

The one who doesn’t give a damn about the United States, only about himself.

The one who thinks he’s helping us when he isn’t. All he wants is our money and more power.

To me, Donald Trump is nothing but trash that needs to be thrown away. He’s no good for anyone.

He pouts about not getting his way. He thinks he does everything good when he really doesn’t.

Now you people want him back as president in 2021?

Are you people feeling alright, or are you just stupid?

Like people say: A fool and his money are soon parted.

I, for one, would never, ever want to see or shake that man’s hand or even trust him ever again.

He lies through his mouth too much and then laughs about it. I don’t trust Trump at all.

You people should open your eyes and see what you are going to have in 2021.

How much is he paying you rich to change other people’s minds? To make him win again. How much, people?

To me he’s not worth the effort. All I can say is: Good luck, America!

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake

P.S.: Thanks, Jake Pickering.


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