To the editor:

I never thought I would be writing a comment in the letters to the editor column … but the previous comments written in recent days exasperates me to the point of having to say something. Please think positively, folks! People are so ready to put blame on someone else! Most often it is our current president. Please consider giving him a break! Our national health policies have been broken for all of our previous administrations, whether Republican or Democratic. I would like to see even one of you negative commentators have to face this incredible challenge any president would be faced with. Do you think you could do better? If you can, give us the answers; we are listening.

Instead of ranting about a failed this or a failed that policy, why not try volunteering somewhere or somehow yourselves in a humble attitude to alleviate your own panic, and exasperation. Do you not remember the old saying about “walking in someone else’s shoes”? It is so easy and simplistic to blame someone else. Why not try writing positive, informative opinions about how you and your loved ones are coping during this event in a healthy, beneficial way that builds us up instead of breaking us down?

I also challenge our local pastors and preachers, regardless of denomination. Many of us could use spiritual counselors, even if you yourselves are fearful. Do you not have vision? Why are you so silent in this public format? Is it not what you signed up for and your mission to give words of peace and solace? Are you not here for the broken-hearted? This could be your moment to stand up and be bold in your service of faith and hope. A true opportunity if you actually believe what you preach and use this gift you have been given.

Folks, as an ordinary individual and neighbor to you, I can boldly say, we will get through this by being of sound mind, simple common sense — lose the toilet paper syndrome (had to throw that in) — and hopefully through personal prayer. Please have empathy, like many already who have stepped up to bat here in service to those in our community who are struggling to make sense of all this and how it affects their families. There actually is a peace that surpasses any understanding if we just have hope and stop with all the blame and negativity.

Mike Campisi

Tupper Lake


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