‘The Trump Slump’

To the editor:

Donald Trump the plump chump

Called the coronavirus a hoax?

The Trump Depression is here!

Joe Biden for president, folks.

The stock markets crashed,

Because the GOP choked.

Building a wall won’t help.

It’s Trump’s fault you’re broke.

Trillion-dollar tax cuts for Trump,

But no insurance for the sick?

A pandemic on the loose is now

Sinking our economic ship.

Thousands will die, while Trump

Tweets and golfs all the while.

Republicans, do as you’re told!

Fox News says, “Sieg Heil.”

Don’t wash your hands.

Cough on everyone you can.

It’s all a liberal media conspiracy

To make Trump look bad again.

Sneeze all you please!

“A Democrat hoax” we ignore.

We delusional right-wingers will

Buy from the Alex Jones store.

Nanosilver solutions and other

Various worthless snake oils.

A fool and his money are soon

Parted; idiocy takes its toll.

Trump keeps shaking hands,

Even though he’s not at all young.

If I were Trump, I’d borrow that

Gas mask from Matt Gaetz and run!

Get to Air Force One and fly away

Off to Russia for his final days.

Vladimir Putin can take care of his

Pathetic puppet dotard tool Trump.

We’ll send Trump’s evil brood

(Ivanka, Donald Junior and Eric)

Straight to the White Trash dump!

While we Americans reclaim the

White House from Russian control,

Those Republican traitors will cry,

As they’re kicked out and sent home.


Jake Pickering

Arcata, California


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